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Top Holiday Gifts for Your Pet

gifts for pet

The holidays can be a great time for pet owners -- as we get to spend extra time with both family and pets. If you love to spoil your fur baby, you may be looking into pet gifts this year. However, since you can’t exactly ask Fluffy what she wants for the holidays, you have to use more of your imagination. When deciding on a gift, it’s always best to first consider your pet’s personality type, as well as what they may not like. For example, a skittish cat probably wouldn’t appreciate a noisy, automatic spinning toy. If you aren’t sure what he or she will love this year, check out these top holiday gift ideas for pets.

If you have a playful pup or kitty, buy a stocking full of new toys. Humans aren’t the only ones who love stockings. Hang one above the fireplace especially for your pet, and fill it with a bunch of toys from your local pet store. For a dog, buy a new chew toys, meaty treats and a rope to tug. To add extra fun, wrap each gift to give him or her a special surprise. For a cat, try finding a stocking made from loose yarn (perfect for playing!), and fill it with catnip toys and rattling mice. 

If your pet loves to live in the lap of luxury, buy a new bed. Some animals love to relax and be treated like royalty (and let’s be honest, we love to spoil them!). So, indulge your pet with a comforting bed, dog house or cat tree. Also, if you have smaller pets, such as rodents or ferrets, you can add a new piece to their cage. For example, an exercise wheel for a mouse or a mirror for a bird.

If your cat or dog is an accessorizing fashionista, buy a stylish collar or outfit. Okay, okay, this may be more of a gift for us pet owners... It’s so cute to see them strut with a new bell collar. However, it’s also very useful during the winter months to purchase a pair of boots to protect his or her delicate paw pads. If you have fish or reptiles, a new accessory for their tank or cage would also make a great holiday gift.

If you have a perpetually hungry animal, buy pet treats. For a dog or cat who loves to eat, there’s no better surprise than the gift of food. So, the next time you’re at the pet store, don’t skimp on the treats – go for the big bone or container of cat grass.

If you have a pet who loves to be outside but tires easily, buy a Pet Rover. A pet stroller is a fantastic gift for any dog or cat who enjoys embracing the great outdoors. Specifically designed to hold large dogs, elderly pets and pets with special needs, the Pet Rover may be exactly what you’ve been searching for this holiday season. Plus, it makes a great gift for a pet lover too!

There are many things we can purchase for our pets during the holiday season (as well as all year round). The #1 thing you can be sure to give your pet this holiday is your unconditional love and affection. There is nothing our pets enjoy more than our company… and maybe one of these great gifts listed above.

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