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Pamper Your Pet with the Premier Luxury Pet Stroller!

The only heavy-duty premium pet strollers hold up to 75 lbs.

Luxury 3-in-1 Stroller + Carrier. Travel in style TOGETHER.

5-star rating by thousands of pet parents.

Spacious. Cozy. Paw-fect for Indoor.

Great for large, medium or multiple smaller pets, even handicapped or sick ones!

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PET ROVER PRIME™ - Luxury 3-in-1 strollers/CARRIER hold medium & small pets

The paws-itively perfect stroller!

Top features

Convertible Pet Compartment Size

Spacious 30" x 18" compartment comfortably accommodates a single medium or large pet – or several smaller pets – for a relaxing walk or well-deserved nap.

Super Sturdy Aluminum Frame

Unique oval frame construction made of high-grade lightweight aluminum provides superior strength and exceptional durability for years to come.

Easy-Locking NO-ZIP Canopy

Innovative no-zip features easy-locking latches, giving you immediate access to your pet without having to fumble with zippers.

Why our customers Love Our Strollers

Great for arthritis! Perfect dog strollers for large dogs!

Dale Smith

A Land Rover for your pets, with tons of features!

Sharon B.

Best investment for my dog! He just love it! Best dog strollers for medium dogs.

Kirk Hill

Your pets will fall in love! An awesome double cat stroller.

Stephanie B.

OMG! I am in love with this

dog strollers for small dogs! Lightweight, yet sturdy.

Jayne Malone

Pleased with purchase! Love this pet stroller for medium dogs.

Stacey Navarro

Five stars pet strollers for small dogs!

John Stowell

Love the stroller!

Jesse Zander


Chris Kaplan