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Top Holiday Gifts for Pet Lovers

top gifts for pet lover

With the holiday season fast approaching, you may feel rushed to decide which gifts to get for your close family and friends. Rather than straining your brain to think of a trendy new gadget, consider what most people truly love… their pets! There’s a large array of holiday gifts specifically made just for the pet lover in your life. Check out these great ideas below.

  1. A special photo frame featuring the beloved fur baby. Is your coworker always showing you pictures of dear Spot? (So. Many. Pictures.) Inspire your friend to capture a memory forever with a photo frame that sits beautifully on his or her desk.
  1. Pun-tastic clothing. It’s a rule: People who love their pets love to show off their love for pets! What better way to show “I love my cat” than a shirt that says exactly that? For an added quirky touch, find clothes that have punny sayings – such as the classic: “It's a paw-fect day!”
  1. Cute stuffed animals or heartwarming figurines. Depending on the personality and age of your loved one, these two routes are memorable and special. A stuffed animal is always a great idea – especially if you can find one that looks like his or her pet. Similarly, if you’d like to take your gift giving a step further, a figurine can be a beautiful sentiment. Some figurines even feature sweet quotes that explore the connection between a pet and pet owner.
  1. Mugs, candles and other sweet reminders to place around the house. Who doesn’t enjoy a nice, warm cup of hot chocolate on a cold day? Now, imagine if that mug features an adorable little animal! You can also purchase an extra strong candle – as every pet owner could use a good scent once and a while (or more like every day). 
  1. A new pet. Important warning with this gift: Don’t buy a pet just as a holiday gift. Only bring over a new pet if your loved one can and will take care of him or her. A new pet is a big responsibility – a living, breathing responsibility. However, a pet – whether it’s a cat, dog, mouse, bird or something else – can be a wonderful addition to any family, and one of the most perfect holiday gifts for the pet lover in your life. For a win-win gift giving situation, consider adopting a pet from a shelter to give the animal a second chance as well.
  1. A Pet Rover pet stroller. A pet stroller is a fantastic gift for any pet owner – especially if he or she has a dog or cat with special needs or who is elderly or tires easily. Every pet enjoys a walk through the great outdoors. Imagine your friend walking a fur-baby in style.


Have these ideas helped you decide what to buy for your pet-loving friend? Happy holiday shopping!

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