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Top 7 Ways to Enjoy Life With Your Senior Pet


It’s hard to think of your dog as anything but a young puppy running frantically around the yard. But just like humans, dogs age. And as they grow older, their needs change and their lifestyle needs to be adjusted. While some dogs mellow out, others may grow cranky. No matter what type of senior dog you have, here are seven ways to make the most out of those golden years.

Adjust Meals

Since an older dog doesn’t move around as much as a young one, they can’t always eat the same amount as they used to. Feeding them the same amount as when they were younger can lead to unnecessary weight gain.

Furthermore, some senior dogs may want to eat smaller portions since their digestion is slower. Try feeding smaller portions at mealtime or throughout the day. Always consult with your veterinarian before changing their mealtime routine, though. 

Give Them Space

Some senior dogs don’t want to be the life of the party anymore. So, it’s important to provide a safe space for them to relax when they feel overwhelmed by people, noise, or activity in the home. This can either be a separate room or just a quiet space in the house. 

Get Those Teeth Checked

Like humans, older dogs need to have regular teeth check-ups to make sure they aren’t suffering from gum disease or dental decay. This can cause sensitivity and pain in their mouth. 

Go For Regular Check-Ups

While it’s important to get your dog’s teeth checked, it’s also important to stick to regular check-ups. Some veterinarians recommend two vet visits per year rather than one for senior dogs. This will help the odds you find – and treat – a potential health problem quickly.

 Change Up Their Bed  

Since a senior dog isn’t as limber as they once were, they need a softer bed. Investing in an orthopedic bed or evening raising their current bed off of the floor can help keep their joints happy. And if you let them sleep in the bed with you, add some doggie stars so they don’t have to strain their joints too much.

Take Care Of The Joints

Speaking of joints, senior dogs often have joint pain. As dogs age, their joints stiffen and they can begin to suffer from arthritis. Consult with your veterinarian on the best way to handle joint problems in your senior pup. But, there are numerus all-natural ways to help dogs with joint pain. 

Make A Bucket List  

While taking care of your senior dog physically is important, mental health is just as important. Create a bucket list with things you want to do with your older dog. For example, take them to the beach, to a town you’ve always wanted to visit, go for a road trip, buy them a cheeseburger (if they are allowed to eat it), and more! Bucket lists are a great way to show your senior dog just how much you love them. 

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