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Ten New Years Resolutions from Your Best Friend

Dear Human!

It's a new year and you're making new year's resolutions. Here is my list for you:

1. More walks - I love to exercise - it's important for my emotional and physical wellbeing. I love our time together and my chance to experience the world with all its sniffs.  If I'm older, disabled, or obese get me a doggie stroller

2. More play time - I love you and your attention means a great deal plus the challenge of games keeps me sharp.  Having regular play time gives me something to look forward to in my day. 

3. Healthy dieting - You're not the only one who needs to work on healthy eating.  Giving me table scraps is junk food for dogs.  Check out the best foods and treats at dogster.com.

4. Visit a vet - Not my favorite but I need regular checkups as well.  I can't tell you I don't feel well, and preventive checkups are as important to me as they are to you. 

5. Be more creative - Not to complain but you can get dull! I get bored with the same walks, same toys, same activities - Mix it up - Take me swimming, join a toy of the month club, find some woods or a new neighborhood to explore.  

6. More friends - I need friends too - Schedule play dates, visit the dog park, take me for a visit to doggie daycare. 

7. Great grooming - brushing, a visit to the groomers, nail clipping, I like looking good too!.  

8. No Ticks or Fleas - Make a schedule for my flea and tick prevention medication, collar, or bath.  You don't want them in your house any more than I want them. 

9. It's my home too - Make our home dog-friendly.  Maybe I need a new bed, a new stroller. If I'm older could you keep my bed, food and water on one level, so I don't have to do stairs.  I may get cold easier so be sure I have a warm place and a special corner. 

10. No baths - OK, so I tried!

Your Dog!

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