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Signs That Your Cat Loves You

Signs Your Cat Loves You


Cats, one of the many creatures most of us choose to have as pets, have proven time and time again to be worthwhile companions. Though, it might be hard sometimes to tell whether or not our furry cat friends return our affections for them. Cats, unlike dogs, aren’t as active in their approach, as they are laid-back and very independent. However, cats still show their love in many different ways. So, before you start to worry, here are a few signs that your cat does indeed love you.


1. They lift their tails up whenever they are around you or when their name is called.
This is probably one of the most tell-tale signs that your cat cares for you. Cats can generally be rather friendly creatures and the sign of a very happy, friendly cat, is the tail raise. It’s also often how they say hello.


2. Meowing.
Cats have a special way in which they talk to their humans, much different than how they communicate with other cats. You can usually tell by a cat’s meow whether or not it’s happy to see you. A cat who also has a tendency to follow you around or meow when you are out of sight is a good sign. If you notice a happy meow and your cat excited to see you, they most likely do love you.


3. Headbutts and rubbing up against you.
Another way cats show their affection for us is by headbutting us with their own heads. This is their way of saying “I love you.” It’s also common for a cat to rub up against something it values or sees as its own. So, when your kitty rubs up against your leg, it is not only showing affection toward you, but showing you that you are just as much theirs as they are yours.


4. Exposing their bellies.
If a cat exposes its belly to you, this is usually a big indicator that your cat really trusts you. Cats usually are not known for showing their bellies, since it’s a rather sensitive area for them and leaves them open and vulnerable. But, when your furry friend shows you its belly and even goes as far as letting you pet it, that can only mean that your cat trusts and loves you.


5. They cuddle with you.
This last sign probably is not as obvious a marker, but usually, when a cat chooses to cuddle or sit with you, that generally means they enjoy your company and have a bond with you.


Cats can seem like loners sometimes, usually only needing the bare minimum to get by. However, they do appreciate all that we do for them, they just sometimes may have a different way of showing it. Keep in mind too that these are just a few signs that your cat loves you. Each cat is unique and has its very own personality, but usually once you start looking for the signs, it is pretty easy to tell whether or not a cat shares the same affections for you as you do for them.


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  • You can tell how much I love my kitties and true how they show their love too among so many ways. The feeling is mutual.


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