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Reasons Why Adopting a Dog is Awesome

Adopt a shelter dog

When most decide to get a new dog, they often forget to consider adoption. Perhaps it’s that some feel that raising a dog from a puppy to adult would be easier, as the pup would get more accustomed to the family. However, there are many things to consider when deciding on getting a new dog, one of those specifically being adoption.

Below are some reasons why adopting a dog is not only the best choice, but an awesome one too.

1. Some dogs, when put in shelters, never make it out. They live out the rest of their lives hopelessly waiting to be adopted or face the inevitable (kill shelters euthanize animals after a certain amount of  time). Adopting a dog who really needs a home makes all the difference. Plus, if you are adamant about getting a puppy, there are many puppies up for adoption at shelters as well.

2. Shelter dogs have a lot of love to give too. Not that others do not, but shelter dogs deserve a chance to show the love they are capable of giving.

3. Adopted dogs (with the exception of a few) are usually already house-trained. This is a fantastic perk, and you’d be able to spend much less time on training your new dog not to use the bathroom in the house, destroy furniture and more.

4. When adopting a dog, you can talk to shelter workers about what you can expect from your new furry friend. This enables you to make sure that you and your adopted dog will work well together later on down the road.

5. Usually, when adopting a dog, you do not have to take care of a ton of medical expenses (unless explicitly stated otherwise). Things like shots, spaying/neutering and being chipped are either already taken care of or taken care of by the shelter you would pick your dog from.

6. Adopted dogs, especially older ones, can be just as playful and fun as younger dogs. Usually, things such as energy level, temperament or personality have to do with the way a dog was/is raised. Just like children, animals can be very impressionable and respond to the environment they were brought up in.

When deciding to add a furry friend to your family, consider giving a shelter dog a new forever home. You will feel better knowing you gave him or her a second chance at life. As stated above, often times, sadly, dogs put into shelters (especially those with much lower vacancy) are often put down after not being adopted for a certain amount of time. The thing they want the most is just a chance at a home, a chance to show love and be loved as well.

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