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Medical Breakthroughs Offer New Hope for Dogs and their Humans

There is wonderful news for dogs and their humans as medical breakthroughs now offer new hope and help for a number of conditions. 

The 4th of July is fast approaching, and millions of dogs will cower in closets and under beds.  For those particularly sensitive to noise there is new hope for a more peaceful holiday. The FDA has approved the first medication for treatment of Canine Noise Aversion.  Sileo is a prescription medication administered between the pet’s and cheek.  It has been found to allay the overwhelming fear so disturbing to both dogs and their humans.  Like all medications, there are potential side-effects, so you should discuss with your vet both the benefits and risks of using this new medication.  Click here to find more information about Sileo.

As the warm weather approaches itchy patches appear to bring misery to your pet.  Allergies are the most common reason for veterinarian visits for dogs.  Two new medications, Apoquel and Cytopoint, are showing significant success in treating allergies.  

Apoquel came out several years ago and it is not side effect-free, however. It is important that your dog undergo blood monitoring if he takes Apoquel long term.

Cytopoint is an injectable medication that your veterinarian administers It is an even more targeted approach to stopping the itch cycle than Apoquel. Cytopoint has been shown to be responsible for most of the itchiness that is seen with allergies. Some dogs are completely itch free until the shot wears off after about four to six weeks in most dogs.

Your dog doesn’t have to suffer through another allergy season. Talk to your veterinarian about the new allergy medications.. You and your dog will be happy that you did.  Click here for more information

Over four million dogs a year are diagnosed with Cancer.  Research in cancer treatment for dogs has developed in parallel with that in humans, and the results are promising.  Recently, a new drug, Tanovea, was approved by the FDA for the treatment of canine lymphoma.  Treatment is done by injection once every three weeks for five doses.  Positive results have been seen in 77% of dogs either newly diagnosed or those where traditional treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation have proven unsuccessful. Click here for more information.  The field of anti-cancer drugs is likely to continue to present breakthrough drugs for both pets and their owners.

The cost of medical care for pets can create a terrible dilemma for owners.  Pet insurance is becoming more available and affordable and can ease the decision to seek treatment.  Consumer Reports has published a review of pet insurance plans. The Humane Society of America offers advice on how to find help with the cost of pet care.

Quality of life for our pets, sick or well, is the main concern for most pet owners.  Interacting, playing games, going for walks, or human contact can make your dog’s days more enjoyable.  If their age, illness or injury make walks impractical, consider using a pet stroller to maintain their contact with the outside world.   




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