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It's National Pet Day!!! Celebrate by Adopting a Pet Today!

Saving Lives With Pet Adoption – A Dozen Reasons

Today is National Pet Day.  If you've been thinking of the companionship a pet adds to your life today is a great day to consider adoption.Here are just a few reasons why your choice of adoption is important.

  1. You put the cruelty of puppy mills out of business. Many dogs are forced to lead terrible lives, caged and producing litter after litter of animals for sale.  Your purchase of a dog at a pet shop may be providing financial support for the continuation of this terrible practice.
  2. Pet shops generally offer puppies and kittens – It may well be that your lifestyle would be better matched with an adult pet.  Senior pets offer quiet, undemanding love to people unable to care for a pup or kitten. Pet strollers can be of value for these pets and their people.
  3. The options in pet shops are generally limited – Adoption programs give you almost unlimited selection either from a local shelter or national adoption programs.
  4. By adopting you save two lives – the one you adopt and the one that can now take its place. Eight to twelve million pets are euthanized each year for lack of homes.
  5. Adopted pets are often well trained and “pre-homed.” Most are placed due to owners moving to “no pets allowed” residences and are already trained. They have been evaluated by shelter staff and screened for potential problems. 
  6. Most often adopted pets are spayed, neutered, vaccinated and microchipped making the cost of adoption lower than purchase.
  7. You have the support of shelter staff for adopted pets. They are experienced and supportive.
  8. Your adoption supports the life-saving work of shelters and benefits other animals. Unfortunately, the overpopulation of cats and dogs means that almost every community needs a shelter.  Your adoption and example to others support this important community service.
  9. Most often the cost of adoption is less than the cost of purchasing a pet.
  10. Your adopted pet has been well treated by caring staff and volunteers.
  11. Your adoption of a pet spreads the word to others who may follow your example.
  12. You have the good feeling of knowing you saved at least one life

Just click on this link https://www.adoptapet.com/animal-shelters to find pet adoption services in your area.

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