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Caring for a Cat Can Help Keep Your Spirits Up

Caring for a cat


Despite their somewhat negative reputation among some pet enthusiasts, cats can be one of the most affectionate and engaging animals. Cats are wonderful companions, able to take care of themselves while also showing much love to other animals and humans around them. Cats are very unique, perhaps not as boisterous as the kitty alternative (i.e. a dog), but not lacking in their ability to also fun.


Cats can be especially great for people who are more introverted or shy. They can also be better for people who do not have a lot of time to take care of a pet, as cats are fairly independent in terms of their ability to go to the bathroom in a litter box and not beg for human food when you are eating.


One thing cats are absolutely fantastic at though, is being able to cheer us up and keep our spirits high during tough times. Cats are very instinctive, especially when they have gotten used to their pet parent. They become very aware of your presence, and if they have gotten attached to you, they will want to be around you as much as possible. Cats can also be very good at sensing when their owners have a change in their moods. For instance, if you are having a hard day and begin to cry, your cat will often come to comfort you. Caring for your cat, in return, can only aid your cat further to treating you the same. Though, cats do not show emotion the same way we do, so they may not appreciate a big embrace as we would; however, giving a gentle stroke on the back or providing extra food goes a long way. Try showing the same amount of affection towards your cat that it gives you by keeping him fed, watered and clean.


Caring for any living creature can help to humble us and facilitate our own self-growth. Unfortunately, many view cats as stubborn and aloof, when really they are simply unique in personality and fiercely independent. But, when a cat loves you, he really shows it, and that could only make you feel good in return. Despite what others might say, cats are wonderful at cheering us up, they can be fun, humorous (in their own little cat way) and very, very affectionate.

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