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12 Tips for Better Home Alone Days for Your Dog

45% of dog owners report that they feel guilty about leaving their dog alone during the day. Here are 12 tips to make better days for your home alone pet.

  •  Start early – You can train your dog about alone time. Start with short periods of time in another room and work up to short out of home times.  Your pet will learn that when you leave you will always return. 

  • Create a safe place – a warm blanket or bed, a cushioned crate, a corner of a room- your dog will appreciate “safe” space even more when they are alone.

  • Make an interesting environment – open the blinds and curtains, hide treats around their space, turn on quiet talk radio

  • Build a routine – dogs are creatures of routine – once they know your routine for leaving and returning their anxiety is lessened.

  • Walk before leaving – This sets your dog up for a rest after you’ve left, address going concerns, and bonds you and your pet

  • No drama – Don’t make a big deal of your leaving or your return. Keep these change times drama free.  After you return home let your dog settle down before greeting them.

  • Kongs are king – a safe, food containing toy will occupy your pet with something interesting and distracting after you’ve left. Look for puzzle toys that prevent boredom. Rotate and new toys help.

  • Create appropriate places to go – If you’re going to be gone longer than bladder or bowels permit, use puppy pads or grass pads

  • Be sure there is access to plenty of food and water

  • Pet walkers can reduce anxiety – Having a pet walker/sitter come in even a few times a week can break up the stretches of alone time. If your dog is disabled, elderly or obese having a walker take them out in a pet stroller is a treat.

  • Doggie Day Care – Can help your pet connect with other dogs and add excitement to his day. Even a few times a week can be a great adventure.

  • Technology to the rescue- New technologies allow for you to see and communicate with your dog and even dispense treats. Some will even notify you of barking and take selfies. 

  • Two’s company- Getting a second dog may answer the problem of a lonely dog.

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