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Easy setup
"Me and Jayce totally love this stroller and it’s spacious enough for him to play the entire car ride. Setting up was a hassle and that was a major plus for me "
Perfect stroller, my pugs love it and ride like QUEEN!
"I just received my Pet Rover Prime stroller today and decided to shoot an unboxing video. It was a snap to put together and just took me under 5 minutes to set it all up. The manual explains everything in details and they have many videos online to show how to use the stroller. The stroller feels and looks very sturdy and it comes with a life time warranty, unlike all other brands with only a 30 day warranty. I am very impressed with the rubber wheels, they have tires just like those on my cars but are foam-filled that will not require any maintenance or pump. I don't want to be out on an excursion with a flat and have to worry about tubes. I don't remember seeing any other pet strollers using this kind of high-end wheels. The ride quality is superior on any terrain and they seem very durable too. I have two pugs, one is old and can't walk far, so I usually have one riding and one walking, but the carrier is large enough to fit them both comfortably. I really love the detachable carrier because I can now carry my pugs with me inside or outside the car, and just leave the stroller frame in the trunk separately just in case I need to use it for a long walk. My pugs love staying in the carrier most of the time now. My pugs ride around like Queens, all happy and getting to see the world from a higher level. I'm 100% happy with this purchase and would highly recommend it! "
Well Made Luxury Stroller, Carrier and Car Seat!
"This pet stroller is simply the best of the best! I've looked into just about every brand out there and did tons of research, reading reviews, researching companies, comparing it to other models and I finally decided on this luxurious gem. As a multiple dog owner, price was important but I wasn't willing to sacrifice quality just for a cheaper product. This Pet Rover Prime is the only stroller that can convert to a detachable carrier and a great, safe car seat as well, so my dogs don't feel nervous in the car anymore. The carrier itself is very roomy and fits my two 25 lbs. dogs comfortably. The golden metal frame feels very rigid and I really love the beautiful elegant look of it a lot. The fabric in the carrier is top notch and seems extremely durable. My dogs love to lay on the soft padding and it's machine washable too. The rubber wheels turn well and ride very smoothly in the parks or concrete roads, and you don't ever need to pump air neither. There are 3 pockets on the carrier and storage underneath the stroller is spacious for dog accessories, treats, handbag and toys. I'm very pleased with this stroller and happy that my Terriers really enjoy riding in it every day since we bought it. Overall, it certainly lives up to the "Luxury" description and is a lovely stroller; with a modern look! "
The perfect stroller
"This stroller is awesome and well worth the money! Easy to put together and easy fold and put in car. Much lighter than most strollers and the adjustable handle is great for shorter people like me. I could go on and on about this stroller. You will not be disappointed! My Gabi loves it. "
Amazon Verified Buyer
Detachable carrier saves the day, just love it!
"I recently bought this stroller because of its ability to go from a stroller to a car seat. I didn’t want the hassle of lugging around a full-sized stroller and another carrier! My dog hates the car, she loves going places but the trip is an absolute nightmare, carriers don’t work because they’re either way too big that it takes up the entire backseat or so small she’s cramped and crying. She loves this thing it gives her enough room to feel comfortable and saves me an extra seat in the back. I thought I’d never see the day where I could take a trip with her without her crying the entire way, total life saver! Thank you from both me and my fur-baby for such a genius design."
This stroller is PAWSOME! Puppy approves!
"I purchased the HPZ Pet Rover Prime 3-1 Luxury Stroller. The reason I decided to make this purchase was due to the fact that my puppy recently broke her leg and my current stroller “The Dogger” Did not keep her contained because the stroller top had a Velcro enclosure and shallow sides and this escape artist found ways to get out! I did not want her to get reinjured so I looked for alternatives in the pet stroller world. I received the HPZ Pet Rover Prime 3-1 Luxury Stroller last week and gave it a spin for a few days before I left a review. Here is what I like about the stroller… 1.)The canopy is a zipper enclosure; this prevents my puppy from escaping. 2.)The buggy detaches from the stroller and if you need to go into a store quickly I enjoy the fact that I can detach the buggy and leaving the stroller in my car. It works great for quick visits to the vet and she feels safe in it. I also tied toys to the top of the handle on the buggy part so my puppy has toys to play with so she doesn’t get board (see picture). 3.)I love the fact that I can actually put items under the stroller in the carrier. 4.)The foam filled tires are simply awesome. I never have to worry about flat tires. My old stroller “The Dogger” had some flat tires and they were expensive to fix. 5.)There are two straps in the stroller to attach to your pet. Each strap is on opposite sides. It helps keep your dog in place. I use both straps when my puppy has the “crazies” as we call it. 6.)It is roomy for my Pomeranian. 7.)My 6-foot husband loves the fact that the handle bar is adjustable so he can push the stroller without getting a backache! 8.)The black stroller has a rose gold frame. I couldn’t tell from the pictures but it was a nice surprise when I received it! The Cons… 1.) I wish it was a 3 wheel stroller- I have found that this stroller does not have as smooth of a ride as my “Dogger” stroller but it isn’t bad. I also think that 3 wheel strollers can navigate different terrain well. 2.) The frame has some flexibility in it. I am not sure if that is on purpose or if it is not as good as a frame as the Dogger. So far it has stayed intact for the week I have owned it. I know there is a warranty on the HPZ Pet Rover Prime 3-1 Luxury Stroller. If anything happens I will update my review. 3.) I wish the buggy part would fit under an airline seat for traveling with my pet. You can bag check the stroller at the gate but you would need a separate carrier for under the seat. Overall I think the stroller is worth the money. I look at it like my dog could use this for over 15 years and kids only use a stroller for a couple of years so spend the money on a good stroller. It keeps your dog safe and is great for hot days in the desert and outings with you fur babies!"
Amazon Verified Buyer
BUY THIS ASAP - perfect for injured dogs!
"would give this stroller 4 1/2 stars because it’s awesome, but with a few minor things that could be improved upon. Their customer service is wonderful, so i’d give them 5 stars for that alone. So I’m definitely a real person, I paid a small fortune for this stroller and was not paid to review it, and boy is this stroller worth every single penny. We have a French Bulldog who was diagnosed with a disc disease, IVDD. He quickly become unable to use his back legs, escalated into emergency surgery and is now on crate rest 23.5/7 for 8 weeks, with a 8 month recovery journey ahead. This stroller has saved our lives. I struggled so much with carrying the dog to and from the bathroom, to and from the car if we had to leave. It was extremely difficult, especially with a dog who’s spine needs to be straight at all times. This stroller is a 3-1. It doubles as a carrier and a car seat.. what?! So amazing. We keep our dog in it while we cook in the kitchen, take him on walks so he can get fresh air outside. Really if you throw a blanket over this thing, people think you have a kid in there and don’t ask you any questions about your dog in the stroller or dog in the restaurant. It’s been pretty amazing. I would recommend this to all doggie moms and dad, especially dogs who can’t walk or are injured. Only downside to this stroller is it was hard to put together, I tried for an hour and got half way through before I needed someone to help me, it is doable though! The next problem is the zipper on top is really difficult to get zipped up because it starts between the crevice (think dropping phone between the seats when driving), it’s more of an annoyance than anything. Other than those mini things, it has been an amazing addition to our dogs recovery. He loves it, he’s 25lbs and can completely stretch out in it. It also zips all the way around to keep him safe from jumping out! Thank you pet rover for making such a wonderful product, this stroller has made life so much easier. Go. Buy. This. Now. You won’t regret it! Plus they have warranties on this thing, if anything happens, they will fix it.. for free!"
A Nice Upgrade To An Already Amazing Stroller!
"Let me start this review by saying that we have been searching high and low for the best pet stroller that would accommodate our needs. We had one from a different company, but it always pulled a bit to the right and just wasn't big enough, the size of this stroller is great and the only one I’ve found that is this large yet so elegant. I have two French bulldogs and they are getting a bit older so we wanted a stroller to take with us when we decided to explore new cities or go on long walks, they can get a little heavy so I love that the stroller has a rear entry that they can climb into, it really takes a load off and saves my back from having to pick my dogs up to put them in the stroller. While we’re on the topic of weight, this stroller isn’t heavy at all considering its size! The aluminum golden frame is beautiful and practical! This stroller is wide enough for the both of them plus has a cool expandable front so they can both stretch out comfortably. The handle (umm hello leather!) is very stylish and I feel comfortable pushing this around. My dogs have plenty of space to move around while still being safe. Since we travel a lot, it's super important that it folds up compactly to fit in my trunk. So happy I finally found this company, we are going to be using this EVERYWHERE!!!!"
Sarah V
Beyond Amazing!!
"First off, the customer service is amazing! Received my products so quickly which is always an added bonus! This product exceeded my expectations 100%! I knew it was going to be amazing before I received it but when I got it this afternoon.... I was impressed beyond words! Madeline, my cat, is going to be living her absolute best life with this new 3-1 system :) My older chihuahua, Sadie, will also use the stroller as well since she can no longer do long walks anymore. Such an amazing product! I’ve also invested in a few of the accessories as well (the organizer bag, the rain cover and I just ordered the cuddler bed). Thank you, Pet Rover, for creating a 3-1 system that’s not only luxurious but has the safety I want as well! "
Cindy W.
Fantabulous Pet Rover!!!
"Oh wow, this pet rover is some kind of awesomeness and our two toy fox terrier furry girls love it! We purchased this primarily for our senior girl who now takes shorter walks and for our frequent road trips in our RV....this will be the perfect mode of transportation for our girls! Quality is superb and it handles like a dream.....100% recommend this stroller!"
Dianne C.
Our 15 Year Old Dog Loves It
"Our 15 year old dog loves to travel but his arthritis prevents him from extended outings. We bought the pet stroller a few weeks ago and he has now gone with us to the harbor, the beach, shopping in an outdoor mall, Starbucks and around the neighborhood. He loves it and so do we! Great construction and very sturdy. Our dog is 16 pounds but has long legs and yet can stretch out when it is nap time. Very happy with the product."
Jennifer B.
Stroller bag
"This bag is a large size bag that fits all of my belongings and things I need for my dog. It fits snugly and easily onto the stroller. I was able to use it at an all day event and everyone who saw it loved it. I would highly recommend this bag to anyone who has purchased a pet stroller"
Margaret G.
Love ❤️
"My two little dogs love the ride, little riding in a Cadillac!"
Brenda F.
Perfect for my Pooch
"I am so happy I bought this for my pooch, Marco. I said I'd never own a stroller for my pets, but when Marco underwent back surgery to repair his ruptured discs, I needed something to help him and me to get around while he was recovering. The carrier is a good size for my 12 lb fur baby: he has room to lie down flat and he loves curling up in the back, as well as standing up at full height. I use this to stroll Marco around the house as I do whatever it is I have to do (he loves being out of the crate!) and I know he is secure and safe. The carrier closes both by zipper and by a small hook at the top for the times when you have to get them in and close it quickly. Being able to use this as a car seat is fabulous, and it takes no time to get him in and out of the car. The stroller part is super easy to put in the car ( I think it takes two movements to open it up). It's ridiculous how much I love this product! Once Marco is fully recovered and able to walk again, I still plan on using this as both a carrier and I care seat because I love the security it gives him. I would highly recommend this product."
Karen W
The Range Rover of strollers
"Bought this as a gift for my parents. They have two little poodles who now can be truly pampered. Was the best Christmas gift yet!"
starsGame Changing!
"My 17 pound 15 year old cat Sid (he's dieting, yes) becomes anxious in carriers on trips back and forth to the vet. Not only does he resist getting into the carriers, but by the time we get to the vet he's covered in dander. He was recently diagnosed with a heart murmur. To assess whether his enlarged heart was normal for him or heart disease, he needed an additional ultrasound. I cancelled and then rescheduled an appointment I made for his ultrasound in order to wait for this Pet Rover to arrive. I'm so glad I did. I sprinkled a bit of catnip into the stroller the evening prior to his appointment. The next morning, as I'd hoped, I found him sleeping in it! There was no trouble getting him in for his appointment and there was literally NO DANDER before, during or after. This stroller looks extravagant: I call it the Ferrari of animal strollers. It's extremely well made, has a smooth ride for my old guy. In essence, for Sid (and me) it's been a complete game changer. "
Catherine Bourke
He LOVES it!!! >3
"I bought this stroller for my 55# Lab/Schnauzer cross. He loves it. He has slept in it 3 nights in a row, refusing to get out when we go to bed. We have taken walks and I love how sturdy and well built this stroller is... Would totally recommend and would definitely purchase again. "
Kelsy Cleary
"My Maltese feels very comfortable in it!"
nina f.
"My pups love this stroller. I’ve had other strollers in the past and hands down this is the best one yet. I’ve done my fair share of research on these strollers and decided on the pet rover and I’m glad I did. The cabin is roomy enough for my babies to move around. I bought the extra bolster pad for that added comfort (yes I spoil them) There are 2 leashes for safety. It’s easy to maneuver and rolls smoothly for a comfy ride. The breaks are on both front and back wheels and if thats not enough it has a safety wrist strap that the others at this price point doesn’t offer. The removable basket is a great car seat for easy loading and unloading from my car. The easy zip up cover in the center aloes you to open on either side or both at the same time. The stroller folds down easily and Fits in the back of my car. More importantly there is the large basket underneath for storage and wide handle to hang shopping bags from so why wouldn’t you take your babies everywhere. There’s no excuses:) During my research, I found out the company was local (yay for local businesses) which is why I didn’t get it on Amazon. (immediate gratifications, I couldn’t wait)"
No monkeying around with this stroller
"This stroller is awesome. They weren’t monkeying around with the design. This is Pricilla and the stroller and removable carrier is great. The screen, zippers, and clips to attach to her waist belt are all top quality. She can’t sneak out of this like other ones. She likes to spin on the handle. Lol "
Amazon Verified Buyer
Very sturdy, well made and easy to put together, my baby loves it!
"Amazingly well made and great quality stroller. I had a few pet strollers in the past and this is just the best. Set up just took less than 10 minutes and it's very easy to fold and unfold. I particularly love the detachable carrier and I can carry my dog to the mall and leave the frame in the trunk, I only found two strollers with removable carrier and this one is a lot roomier than the other one. The front and back rubber tires are very sturdy and seem to last a very long time too. Now my baby loves staying in it all day long. We're very happy, thanks! "
C. leung
Fabulous and Functional!
"Looks gorgeous and the high quality is visible in every detail. Smooth ride and even easier to use than luxury baby strollers. The carry basket disconnects easily and can used as a car seat. Beautiful design and perfect for my two small dogs. Was worried about spending so much but totally worth every penny! Putting it together was super easy and folding it down is even easier. Highly Recommend!"
Margarita Wallen
Game Changing!
"My 17 pound 15 year old cat Sid (he's dieting, yes) becomes anxious in carriers on trips back and forth to the vet. Not only does he resist getting into the carriers, but by the time we get to the vet he's covered in dander. He was recently diagnosed with a heart murmur. To assess whether his enlarged heart was normal for him or heart disease, he needed an additional ultrasound. I cancelled and then rescheduled an appointment I made for his ultrasound in order to wait for this Pet Rover to arrive. I'm so glad I did. I sprinkled a bit of catnip into the stroller the evening prior to his appointment. The next morning, as I'd hoped, I found him sleeping in it! There was no trouble getting him in for his appointment and there was literally NO DANDER before, during or after. This stroller looks extravagant: I call it the Ferrari of animal strollers. It's extremely well made, has a smooth ride for my old guy. In essence, for Sid (and me) it's been a complete game changer. "
Catherine Bourke
Loved it came in time
"I take my babies out all the time but without the cover was limited when it rained or we had light snow. Now that we have our covervwe can go out whenever we want. Also, I bought red and black flannel plaid sheets to line their red carriage and give them additional warmth. They look great. They use their stroller inside and outside! We love it! Our only dislike is the cup holder."
Cathy G.
My petrover
"I took my pup out today for the first time, he seems to like it, I find it to be very sturdy to push, if I was to change something is make the wheels the same all around,so I could have more control when the handle is in reverse as my puppy is more comfortable when he can see me! In reverse it’s a little harder to make the stroller go up steps! Overall though it’s pretty nice!"
Jeanne K.
Great quality/ easy assembly
"Set up was easy enough. This stroller is sturdy, and well made! My cat loves it! It’s definitely worth the extra $40-50 to buy this rather than some other pet stroller that isn’t as good quality. You get what you pay for!!"
Good quality
"Room for our 2 mini schnauzers. One is 14 the other 12. 14 year old gets tired walking sometimes so the 12 year old doesn't get enough exercise. But now with the stroller, we can put the 14 year old in and the other can still walk. Went to dinner with both in the stroller and they didn't make a peep. Good quality construction. Happy with our purchase."
Mike M.
Rain/Wind/Dust Weatherproof Cover for Pet Rover Stroller
"I am glad I purchased this. In wet weather it will be great that my little dog won't get wet."
Jackie F.
Excellent products!
"I bought the bolster to give my dog a feeling of security in the carrier. If you have a smaller dog it might just be the thing you need. I have a 22 lb pug and he was snug. It was very thoughtfully well-made as was the Pet River carrier I bought. The shipping was fast, I think I got it in two days. I would definitely order from this company again and would recommend it to all my dog lover friends "
Micki Z.
Looks like superb quality and I was very pleased to see and feel it
"Still not actually used it , but I can see and feel it is top notch quality and the dogs will feel snug in there and it will ad for a softer ride specially good in the cold time of the year . "
Siv J.