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strong and sturdy, easy maneuverability
"strong and sturdy, easy maneuverability, spacious for my dog, it gives my dog security being closed in the unit, it has adequate pockets for storage I need to take with the walk, the only concern for me are the plastic tires but I heard it is replaceable free. Thanks HPZ Pet Rover "
Amazon V.
Great product
"This was awesome, completely fullfilled expectations, well made, and plenty of room in the cabin. If you take it to the airport it will need to be hand checked due to not fitting through most of their x ray machines "
Amazon V.
Five Stars
easy to put together and easy to push
"The size, easy to put together and easy to push."
Patricia A.
Review of Pet Rover Stroller
"Extremely pleased, I have purchased two strollers elsewhere in the past that where not the price of yours but you get what you pay for. Quality - excellent with your stroller, I'm 70 and put the wheels on in a matter of minutes - thats all I had to do, light enough for me to put in and out of the car without any difficulty. Can handle the weight of all my dogs anywhere from 12 lb to 75 lb. Nice appearance. Nothing I can think of that I would like to see different. WELL worth the price. "
martha s.
Hope visiting hospital
"I thought you might like to see a picture of Hope in her new HPZ stroller. Hope is a registered therapy dog and was visiting a patient at the hospital. Hope is a disabled 72 lb. American Staffordshire Terrier who wears a prosthetic on her right rear leg. She is almost at weight capacity for the stroller, but it is working out well for her. She can make her visits and can roll up to a patient bed easily. My only complaint is not with Pet Rover, but with the fact that Hope is very heavy for one person to dead lift so high to get in and out of the stroller--laughingly, I wish it had a hydraulic option. For short visits not lasting longer than 1 1/2 hours, the stroller is great. I can load her into the stroller from the back of the SUV and back into the car easily. She also has a wagon that is lower to the ground and longer that we use for extended visits that require her to be contained for longer periods of time. When I take the wagon, Hope has learned (with assistance) to climb up stairs to load into the back of my SUV. It is just that the lower height of the wagon makes it easy for me to get her in and out of when she has to go to the bathroom during extended visits. Overall, the stroller is very sturdy and I a pleased with it. However, because Hope is so heavy, if she shifts her weight to the back of the stroller when extended, it has a tendency to dump backwards. Therefore, I always stand behind it for safety. Also, it would be nice to have. Hope is a remarkable rescue dog and I am very grateful to have the stroller to use for my therapy dog visits. Thank you for making such a wonderful pet product that is especially nice for disabled and older pets."
Deborah S.
Excellent stroller for pets
"The stroller was sturdy, very easy to work worh. Folds perfectly and fits very well in the trunk of our car. I would recommend it for your pets. I have three english bulldogs and they were all happy with the stroller"
Angelica S.
My new stroller
"I love the new stroller. It works so well for two dogs. Easy to collapse and unfold."
Mary C.
Premium Stroller
"We bought this stroller for our small puppy 8lbs and upon opening suddenly realized it was way to big. We sent it back asking for a refund. To date we have not received or heard from you. Could you please respond to us. Thank you. Barbara Worley"
Mall Trip
"It was wonderful! My two cockapoo pups, Molly and Zoey, 25 and 17 pounds respectively, loved their ride in the stroller around our local mall. They are very well behaved and didn't bark once during our outing. I'm very happy with my purchase!"
Barbara P.
Comes in handy
"Very handy for brining home groceries. I walk everywhere and my dog comes with me. Having these hooks on the handle allows me to get a few more groceries so I don’t need to go to the store as often. "
Ronda S.
Super safe
"Very lightweight with a large clip that can attach to any stroller safety and sucurely. The blades are made out of foam so they're super safe to touch."
Amazon Verified Buyer
Excellent Features and Outstanding Customer Service! Highly Recommended!
"LOVE LOVE LOVE this stroller! I did a lot of research and really wanted this stroller, but my budget was a little tight. I ended up buying a "used-like new" stroller at a discount from a liquidator, and hoped for the best. The stroller is great, everything I hoped for, but my order came missing the cup holder and under-carriage basket. I found the manufacturer's website and contacted them, and they couldn't have been nicer! They quickly shipped the missing parts, how lovely to find great customer service these days! And THEN reading through their website, I didn't even realize when I bought the stroller that they will send you up to three sets or replacement wheels for free! Wow! With regard to features, the stroller is sturdy and roomy, user-friendly, well constructed and and well thought out. I especially like the outside pockets, and the ability to fold for travel. I would highly recommend this stroller to anyone. One suggestion though: The canopy doesn't seem to have a way (other than gravity) to secure it in the upright position ( i.e., folded back so the top of the carriage is open). On one occasion I bumped the carriage in just the wrong way and the canopy came falling down and almost hit my kitty in the head. I worried that it might happen again, or that a strong gust of wind could cause the same situation. I solved that problem by using a plastic clamp to secure the edge of the canopy to the push bar. So just a heads up for others. "
This is an awesome stroller! I was so hesitant because of the ...
"This is an awesome stroller! I was so hesitant because of the price. This stroller is well made and sturdy, so much room for my babies, they're both 10 lb malshi's. They are so comfortable, this stroller works well on grass, pavement. When I was putting it together my female actually kept standing on it trying to get in!! I love it and SO glad I spent the money! This stroller is worth it!!"
Amazon V.
Love it
"I love it and my dog loves it. Sturdy and big enough for my 70 pound pitbull who has arthritis. He rides around very content and when other dogs approach us I can close it so he feels safe. Only problem we have had with it is the zipper on the little front opening broke but I didn’t say anything about it to the company because I figured they might send me a new stroller but then I would have to send back this one and be without it while shipping goes through and I don’t want to be without it! "
Easy to maneuver
"I am very happy with this stroller. I don’t own a car, so I walk everywhere. I take my Scotty dog, with me everywhere. As he is my service dog. I can’t expect him to be able to do his job if he is exausted from walking to our destination. This stroller will get a lot of use. So far I’ve rolled it over smooth floors, un paved ground, grass and railroad tracks with out issues. This stroller is easy to maneuver with one hand and turn easily on store floors, it’s easy to back up and make tight turns. My last stroller was a Pet Gear, which worked ok until I had to back up. This stroller had the single double wheel in front and when I backed up or had to make a tight turn, the locking mechanism that kept the wheel from spinning around would unlock and the wheel would turn out so you couldn’t push it. This doesn’t happen with this stroller. The one thing I would change on it is the cup holder. The first time I took the stroller into a store, a rude lady almost wacked it off with her shopping cart. Also the cup holder isn’t not deep enough to hold a 20oz soda; however, the side pocket holds a soda that’s in a bottle. The pocket are great as is the basket underneath. When the stroller is fully extended it is difficult to get anything out of the basket, but that makes it harder for purse snatchers. "
"Excellent shopping experience. Love the stroller and my Liam and Lucy (Yorkies) love there roomy comfort ride! Thank you so much"
Angela B.
"We love it. Our puppies do too. We call it there Cadillac."
Frances S.
Just what I was looking
"Just what I was looking for. Fits my 2 -13 lbs dogs with room to spare. Just wish it had rubber wheels"
Andrea R.
"I love it and so does my 3 little fur babies. "
debra g.
We are loving this stroller!
"Very easy setup, very comfortable for my dog, very easy to use."
Roberta E.
Great pet stroller
"It is very stable and durable. And it is easy to handle. My dog likes it."
Excellent produit!
"Nous adorons notre Pet rover, c’est un excellent produit, nous recommandons l’entreprise pour l’excellent service, la rapidité et les produits qui sont d’une qualité supérieure. Livraison très rapide au Québec, nous sommes très heureux d’avoir fait notre achat."
Helene S.
Very Good design and quality.
"It is very good with excellent design and quality. My dog likes it very much. It’s very easy to use. I like this product!"
Five Stars
"This stroller is great. My two dogs love it!."
Nick R.
Many great features
"Love this carriage. I have a large pug that was too heavy for a smaller less expensive carriage I had. Now I feel confident that I can take him on my long walks without any problems. It's so well made and is bigger than I thought it would be. So many great features. I love the three compartments. Places for his supplies as well as my phone, etc. so I don't need to try to fit things in my pockets. Great buy! "
Cynthia C.
Room for 2
"Love having the extra room for my two small dogs. They have plenty of room to enjoy a day out and seeing everything or laying down for a nap."
Beatrice H.
Five Stars
"I love it 😍🐶🐶 it’s well made and they thought of everything 🐾💫💫💫"
Sturdy and well built
"Really fast delivery to uk. Very easy to push with my two puggles in 31kg combined weight! So far they seem to like it 😁 easy to put up and down. Wheels come off for better storage. Only negative is it is very easy to tip backwards if one is sat at the back so make sure not to leave them unattended."
sue h.
Love! Love
"Love! Love! Love this stroller! I have 2 French bulldogs and they fit perfectly. Love the pockets, folds up super easily. Definitely worth the money."
Judi R.