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"I just love this stroller!! I’ve owned another stroller before and this one is 100x better!! My dog just loves going places with me and this is going to make it easier on me so I’m not carrying her everywhere we go!"
Paige E
Pet Rover
"I have bought two of the Pet Rivers and absolutely love them..One I strap on a frame for a kissing booth that my dogs do to raise money for their favorite shelter that I adopted them from.. The stroller is a big hit with our canine friends because we are very well known now in the Lafayette and West Lafayette indiana area..Five of my chihuashuas fit in the stroller very comfortably..."
Carole T.
Linda T.
"I am so very pleased with my stroller !!!!...it’s really like a carriage for my two girls ....it’s so easy to use, to put together, to fold up and the compartments are great ....and the steering and rolling are both very very even !!!!...so I’m very very pleased with it all!!! I have had people stop me on the street and ask about it and I have referred it to my friends and anyone who is interested!!!!"
Linda T.
Sending it back! Worst customer service ever!!!!
"Can not understand how this company stays in business. The customer service doesn’t even rate 1 star."
Pet Rover’s a Go!
"It took about 45 minutes to unbox and set up the Rover, but it wasn’t difficult. My dog is a large Bichon, and I got the med/large size, which is perfect for him. I am planning to use it in the snow, so I hope the wheels can handle that. "
Ann P.
So he still gets to go on long trips on the city streets
"Roll Tux the dog around in the city. He finds it much less stressful, getting out at his favorite parks and spots. He is 15 and getting tired on LONG walks. "
Douglas H.
"I LOVE this stroller. I have two little Poms (less than 3lbs and less than 4 lbs) that love to ride when their Mom takes her daily walks. It is sturdy and plenty big enough for the both of them. I cut a piece of memory foam to fit the bottom of the carriage which gives them a softer ride. I researched dozens of strollers before settling on this one and I made the right choice. Easy to set up and fold away too."
Amazon C.
Love this Pet stroller
"Love this pet stroller. It is sturdier then others I have tried. My two little dogs love it and they have more room to lay down while I keep walking."
Brittany W.
Awsome product
"My wife loves this product. Works great. Can handle my English bulldog no problem. 5/5"
Ivan C.
Perfect Bag
"The Pet Rover Stroller Travel Bag is perfect for any type of travel! The largest stroller travel bag I was able to find on the market - perfect for the Pet Rover Stroller and made of very durable material. Very impressed. Thank you!"
Love this stroller
"We purchased this stroller for one of our dogs that has slipping patellas. We put her in it in our living room for a bit trying to get her used to it. We took her to the park and gave it a try. We had a few mishaps - one being that she kept jumping out (even though we had her tethered with the straps inside the stroller). The second mishap was when my husband was pushing the stroller he accidentally kicked the braking bar on the back of the stroller and it immediately stopped the stroller and tossed the dog out! That time the tether broke completely- so we didn’t even use it one full time before that broke! I definitely think those need to be sewn much stronger. And perhaps the braking bar should be higher so that it’s not engaged accidentally. I decided to hook her up to her own leash and just lock it down and hold it in my hand while pushing the stroller- this way I had much better control over her and could stop her before she jumped. By the end of the walk she was laying down enjoying the ride and we would stop periodically and let her run around. I think once she realized that she wasn’t getting hurt in the stroller and that she was able to get out from time to time that she accepted it and enjoyed it. I zipped open the front pouch and she layed her head down and looked out that opening. All in all I love this stroller and have already ordered a second one. We have (3) papillons and they are 11 and 13 years old. With the strollers we can walk at a pace that benefits us and also allows us to take them many more places with us, which is very important to me. They also get out more and still get to enjoy their walks at the same time. I highly recommend this stroller. I just ordered the gray cushy pad for each of my strollers, as the pads that come with it are pretty thin. Also, extremely easy to assemble! Just place the wheels on and snap the bottom tray on - that’s it! No tools needed. "
Allison R.
Pet stroller
"Overall like it. I think angle of handle could be improved as I have a tendancy to kick the rear brake rod when i step forward which is slightly annoying"
Joseph S.
Its my third
"This is my third stroller feom this company and still im happy with my stroller and they good thing is Your quality going better than before "
Absolutely love this stroller!
"I bought this stroller for my Pug, Sissy, who has Luxating Patella. I love long walks and Sissy can only walk for about 20 minutes before her little knees tire out. So...after a lot of "stroller reviewing" on just about every brand of pet strollers out there...I decided on the Pet Rover. I love...the big size, the fact that it is rugged, the suspension, the price, and especially the way Sissy enjoys it. I have had it for a few months now and I did change one thing...I threw the cup holder out the window. There is so many pockets that I just did not need it. I would recommend this stroller to anyone. Thank you Pet Rover from my Sissy and I. "
Cindy L.
"Very nice high quality, rolls very easy"
Cholada J.
Best stroller ever!!!!
"I haven’t got the chance to go out with my babies yet ,but my daughter said that this stroller is the best early Christmas present ever for our fur babies!!a little pricey but it worth every penny..I been eyeing this for long but I decided I was gonna give it a try and I’m glad I did .if you are looking for a good quality product well this is it."
Love It
"Plenty of room for my Doodle and Shorkie. They love being pushed around in it. So far it seems to be sturdy and easy to push."
Wish you had a smaller version
"Excellent service, great return policy, very good quality and features. I returned it, however, if you made a smaller lighter version of it, for pets 30 lbs or less, I would purchase from you again!"
Love it
"My fur baby loves her stroller. My daughter plays travel softball and this has made the weekends so much easier for my little Pooch. The stroller is very sturdy. I had a cheaper stroller and that is what it was CHEAP. The quality in this stroller is impressive."
Like this stroller
"It was easy to put together and fits my 10 and 13 lb dogs at the same time. I can also hook them in with the built in straps."
Raincoat for the Rover
"I haven’t yet had occasion to use this item, but I think it’s a wonderful option for the stroller! I keep it folded up in the bottom basket for unexpected downpours."
Pet stroller
"I took my 3 girls (chihuahuas) to San Francisco for the day. I absolutely love this stroller. They had plenty of room, they loved just chillin and people watching. The height of the handle bar is perfect for me. Got tons of compliments and I love that they were so comfortable. Well worth my money. So very happy. "
Juanita E.
Pet Rover
"Absolutely awesome. Pigtail Joy just loves her stroller. She even gets strolled around the house when it’s raining. As she has always refused to walk on a leash, this is the ideal solution. This stroller is excellently made and extremely durable. Thank you Pet Rover."
Vicki C.
Premium Stroller
"It's been great for my Corgi who has DM. She is still able to use her cart, but is beginning to show slight weakness in her front legs. We took her for a couple of trial runs around the neighborhood and she loves it! She took right to it without any hesitation. I was a little worried about the fit because as a Corgi she is a little long, but it's perfect for her size. "
"A well made stroller- easily assembled and perfect for our chihuahua mix dog. "
Love this stroller
"Awesome can’t say enough about this stroller. Easy to put up and take down. Smooth riding for my pup."
Lynda H.
The Best of the Best
"I searched many many places before finding Pet Rover....how happy I am to have the best for my little medium size American Eskie...she loves it and so do I....I am so happy with the customer service and the carriage is far above all that i saw and even less expensive. I will endorse Pet Rover to all I meet when out and about. Thank you for the best carriage out there for pets."
Dog Stroller
"Very smooth rolling stroller. I love it. "
Pet rover
"Love it!!! I have a 60 pound English bulldog and he loves it too. Great prooduct and so glad I I got it for him. Yes I do recommend it to everyone."
Susan J.