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Weather Protector
"Is just perfect for when you are caught in the rain. What a great idea. Keeps your dog dry while allowing air to enter."
Patty S.
"This is really nice for long walks where you may get caught in the rain. We take our blind chihuahua hiking!"
Worth every penny!
"THIS IS AMAZING!!! EASY TO ASSEMBLE!!! WORTH THE MONEY!!! If you live in Manhattan, great to use for going to do your laundry too!!"
Amazon C.
Pearl the Pig Highly Recommends this Stroller!!
"Bought this stroller for my daughter so she could walk her mini pig. They both love it! It folds up for easy transport in her car and with the net enclosure, her pig stays safely confined."
Best stroller!
"This is the best stroller i have ever found for a dog! It’s large, it fits my 30 pounds french bulldog and there is plenty of extra space for him to feel comfortable. I had a problem with one of the wheels but they quickly replaced it. The fact that it has latches instead of a ziper makes it much easier to open and close, and i love the pockets on the back"
Five stars
Love My Pet Rover.
"see my comments and photos sent at customerservicce@petroverusa"
Elsa G.
"Fits perfectly and stays in place."
Janis V.
"Easy to put together and my dogs love it."
Ten year old Westie loves his stroller!
"We walk every morning and night. Our Westie goes with us but gets tired. He loves his stroller. He feels like a king! The stroller was well worth the money. There is some wear on the plastic wheels so we know they will have to be replaced some day but other than that it fits our needs perfectly."
Great stroller for dogs, cats and....?
"I used this pet stroller to do a video and so got to know its features and functionality quite well. I love the stroller! It's solidly built and has all the features a pet and pet owner could want, including breathability, sun protection, great ease of steering, treat and accessory compartments, and adaptability for multiple pets or pets needing to stretch out and lie down. I used it with my cats who can no longer go outside because of coyotes in my area. It took some getting used to for my cats but I also used it with dogs and they love it. It's ideal for older pets who can walk only short distances or injured pets who need fresh air or to be wheeled around the house, neighborhood or to a vet in an urban setting. It could also be used by people who foster pets and need to get them from place to place. I love this pet ATV and can recommend it wholeheartedly."
Amazon C.
the stroller was sturdy & well-made
"Using the stroller for a cat so my biggest concern was whether the netting would be strong enough to hold up to my cat's clawing. So far it has & and my cat scratches the back netting a bit to let us know when she wants to go back inside. I wish they would have used a metal zipper rather than plastic in the front. Seeing a chipmunk, sent my cat into an explosive push to get out. The plastic zipper doesn't seem strong enough to hold if this continued...we went back inside. The top viewing flap was incorrectly sewn shut on the stroller I received but other than that, the stroller was sturdy & well-made. Roomy when fully extended (28.5"L X 16.5"W). My cat does not have health issues so I can't comment on the bounce of the stroller."
Amazon C.
"Just bought a blue one!! Love it... So much room.... This is the Lexus of strollers! "
Terry m.
Easy to assemble, great size for my dog, and came undamaged
"I just received my stroller in the mail and it was in perfect condition with some easily assembly to do. My 52lb English Bulldog fit right in with some wiggle room. I am hoping to take him on a walk tomorrow and write a better review. In the past ive been disappointed with dog strollers because i jog offroad with them and have had stroller with 1) air filled tires that would always pop or 2) rubber tires that would break. Im hoping this one can withstand a little offroad jogging. I didn't give it 5 stars because it came with a broken zipper in the front. In the front there is a little zipper that i think allows dogs to hang their front paws through or just peek through the stroller? Cute idea but the zipper was already broken on it."
Verified A.
Feline tested and approved!!
"The cats absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this stroller. We had a smaller stroller to start out, but it only held 2 of our girls. Now all three of them (11 pounds, 10 pounds, and 7 pounds) can go for a stroll with us and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine. It's comfortable and secure. Well made. Good suspension and suitable for jogging, as the front wheels can lock into a forward position. Large storage basket beneath, however I wish it has a suitable beverage holder. The cup holder provided is much to small to hold any of my water bottles. It is quite a bit larger than I imagined....enough room for me to adopt another cat or two :-)"
Jamie L.
Very inexpensive in comparison to other options on the market
"Everyone who walked into my home instantly loved them! So far so good. Works well seriously try it This is such a genius product! I I am beyond pleased with this product The product meets or exceeds everything in the product description. Shops have been collected for a long time, but is the first time to start. It should be said that is good. The quality is quite good. And fast."
Barlow P.
My disabled doggy loves it! Everyday use!
"My dog had a spinal cord injury and has been disabled and this is the perfect thing to get him around to and from the vet and at home . Stroller has held up to every day use . I love it!!!"
Rollsroyce of pet strollers
"Excellent quality. I'm amazed at how great the workmanship is. One-hand twist and the stroller folds down easily. Assembly was simple; just snap the wheels on. You can lock the front wheel if going for a run, or unlock it to make one-hand steering a breeze. The no-zip locking for the canopy is pure genius; pups are in and out with ease. I fit both my chihuaua (3 lbs) and silky (7 lbs) comfortably inside. "
Toby M.
Fantastic and a life saver
"We have had this stroller for 4 months and my husband and I are honestly so happy to have purchased this stroller for our canine son. He is now 10 years old and it has been a life saver for those times when he has been hurt and can't walk because of the pain. He is safe and comfortable in it. This way we do not have to cause more hurt by caring him outside, he can just sit or lay down in it while we stroll him and then he is not in more pain than necessary. The Zipper less feature is an added bonus that allows us to have his stroller covered for more privacy for him, that makes some people more comfortable when we are at restaurants or inside stores. We have been using it even when he is not hurt and it is great to have for those times when you go out to festivals or events where there is a lot of people and it's better for him to be inside of it than to be outside walking around risking getting kicked by someone not looking at the ground they are walking on. We highly recommend this stroller to everyone and always receive compliments on it. 5 stars"
Leslie S.
Life saver. I sometimes must travel with my three ...
"Life saver. I sometimes must travel with my three Shitzus, including on airlines. Carraige can be golded at the door to the plane. My pups are 14, 12 and 7 years old. Each can walk only a portion of the route we can now take and the tired pup(s) ride. Very sturdy/Easy to fold and unfold"
Jessica M.
Well worth the money
"Oh my gosh...this is so well made. Putting it together was a breeze... This goes right up and down curbs without jostling the occupant. My dog loves it...she has bad knees and can't walk to much on her own"
Piper m.
he sits up like a king
"my dog loves his stroller..he sits up like a king.so easy to use"
Joseph D.
That is my Copper, he's 15.
"I can't take Copper for walks, he's arthritic & has a bad heart due to age, even on his daily medication a walk would be physically too demanding on him. Now, with this stroller, I can take him out for 'walks' & he loves going for rides! I absolutely love this pet stroller!! The only thing I think would make it perfect is rubber wheels instead of plastic, I feel those would make it glide over sidewalk/road imperfections easier."
Penny ..
Love this stroller!
"From ordering to setting up, all good. Very little to put together. The wheels snap on and that was it. The only improvement would be the handle. It's fine in reverse position, but a tad high in forward for me - I am just barely 5'. Seems like you could make it adjustable, but it's still great. I have had several strollers now and this is perfect for my 24lb dachshund and my 15lb shih tzu. The air ride might be a tad smoother, but I like not having too put air in the tires. I am a 70 year old woman and it is a little hard to put it in the back of my van folded, but not as bad as the pet gear one I had. I can do it without help. Dogs love it too. I like the zipper opening in front for my dog to look out. He uses the foot plate to stand on sometimes too. I think you will be happy with it. It is well made."
Great product
"Took this with me camping to take on walks with my older 14 year old jack russell...loved it... Stroller worked great and he's a chub (34 lbs).. Easy to transport and I added a temperpedic pad for his ol bones and a blankie (yep I'm one of those dog mommies /♡ )"
... contact with so this buggy is really been one wonderful items that I have purchased the keeps her contained ...
"This buggy has truly been a blessing in my life for areas that I really choose not to walk my dog through as she likes to pick things up off the ground and it’s really hard to get down any Isles in any store as people stop to want to say hello to her because she’s so friendly and she wants to play with everybody she comes in contact with so this buggy is really been one wonderful items that I have purchased the keeps her contained gives her plenty a room to lay down to sit up and to even walk in easy to fold easy to lift very lightweight great purchase"
Thomas V.
Love this stroller but more importantly my beagle loves it and now gets to go out with us to walk!!!!!
"Ok so if I am honest I was very skeptical that my beagle would get into this. She is 10 years old and has IVDD as well as a suspected partial tear of her cruciate ligament with cardiomegaly on multiple meds. We are treating her conservatively as we don't want to subject her to major surgery and anesthesia with her complicated heart concerns. She is a happy little beagle but was barking and crying when we left her at home to walk her 12 year old sister. I purchased this on Monday with expedited shipping and came home from work last night and reluctantly put them in with some treats. I kept it stationary and played with them both in it expecting them to jump out. However they seemed quite happy. This morning I put them in it and wheeled it around the house gently as I was worried they would be fearful once it was moving. To my surprise they both seemed very comfortable in it and did not attempt to jump out. I spoke to them in an excited and playful tone not sure if that helped. I decided to be brave and take them for a walk. My dogs use harnesses so that was helpful. Initially I took them both out for a walk on their leashes and the stroller empty. I walked as far as the end of garden and then popped Peanut in the "Pipimobile". She was so happy and content I think just to be out and with us. I was so excited as I felt awful leaving her at home on her own. My heart is so full of love for my girls and to see her relaxed and happy to out was an awesome experience. There is plenty of room for two beagles. I did open it to it's full extension as I felt she may need the room . I used both loops to secure to her harness for safety reasons as I did not close the stroller. I repositioned the handle so she could be facing me and I could keep a close eye on her. This is an awesome feature. There are two nice size pockets for storage on either side and another larger pocket at the back with a velcro closer. The wheels are made of a hard plastic material and at this time appear to be absolutely fine as I had concerns. I will buy a cooling mat and an orthopedic mattress for inside. The mats are rather thin for my old gal. The only thing that I was missing was the basket that sat at the bottom of the stroller. I called the company once I got home from our walk and presto it will be here tomorrow. Excellent customer service - Thank you ! I took a couple photos in the house and will add a video when my husband is with me. I'm not used to navigating the stroller, walking my other beagle and videoing. LOL . I know this is early days and it may be the honeymoon period but I feel like the stroller is well made and has multiple awesome features to accommodate your needs. Will keep you updated!!!"
Janine P.
Very nice!
"We bought this stroller for our two pugs, both weighing approximately 20 pounds each. We've used it extensively in the past couple of weeks and it has worked out beautifully!. We travel a lot with our dogs and this stroller will make it so much easier to have them with us. My favorite feature is the ability to close them in with the mesh covering, which allows us to bring them places where they may normally not be allowed. My second favorite feature is the storage on the bottom and the pockets. Also, the little foot kick plate thing props up and a shopping bag fits perfectly there. I would say a third pug would fit if they get along real well, or they're a little smaller than our pugs, in case anyone is wondering."
Great for Bulldogs!
"My English Bulldog LOVES his new stroller! We have a black lab who can walk all day, but when my bully decides he's done walking, he just lays down and I'm stuck trying to figure out how to get the lab and 65 lbs of dead weight back home. Now I don't have to leave my bully at home when I take the other for a walk and we can all get some fresh air!"
"I am so pleased with this stroller, it is everything they said it would be and more. My doggies love it. I have 2 dogs that each weigh 20 lbs and they both fit nicely in the stroller thanks to the ability to make it longer in the back. I recently spent the night at a friends house and both dogs slept comfortably all night in the stroler. I especially love the no zip feature. The back pockets make it easy to haul my stuff and the undercarraige storage is roomy and easy to reach. I like the height of it as it doubles as a walker for me (I am handicapped). The best thing is that it fits in all doorways and does not tip over as easily as others. Thank you for a superior product! The only downfall is the cup holder has no place to attach and just hanging it on a screw on the side of the stroller is an exercise in futility. "
Cyndi S.