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Great for older dogs with health problems
"I have an older Scottish Terrier who suffers from arthritis, and an energetic young Scottie. With this Pet Rover, I can walk the younger Scottie while my older dog gets a nice ride in the stroller. My older dog loves it! Comment|Was this review helpful"
T. O.
Great product, sturdy carriage
"Great product, sturdy carriage, strong wheels and spacious. It isn't however light or easy to open and close. These issues would not stop me from purchasing this item if I needed to in the future. The pet I purchased this for is a toy poodle. I stuffed some pillows inside to create a super soft and comfy bottom for him. He was looking around and felt so good, I could see he was having a wonderful time, 😊 thank you guys.!!"
Well made
"Very well made & easy to collapse. Unfortunately, I would have to lift my Lab/Husky mix dog into it & I'm not able, so I had to return it"
Love the Pet Rover
"Purchased Pet Rover for our aging miniature schnauzer. We love it and, most importantly, HE loves it. Especially like the larger area for him to stretch out comfortably."
Great Ride for my fur babies
"Two at a time fit great they were comfortable and loved the ride"
"IT FITS MY 4 cats and there is still more room! it is so sturdy, it is very easy to assemble because all you need to do is take it out of the box and put in the wheels. I am very happy when I took them to the vet. I know they are safe and secure and I can watch them through the mesh. I LOVE IT"
"Bought this stroller for my English Bulldog, I had an issue with my stroller, called customer service for their help, within 5 minutes I had Alvin a service rep call me back and tell me they are shipping me a new stroller, but what impressed me most is he asked me to donate the original stroller to a shelter, great product, great customer service!!!! Highly recommend them I love this stroller, it size is great for Bulldogs!"
Julia K.
Away We Go
"Great. Velvet and I are enjoying taking walks together again. The stroller is sturdy and easy to maneuver. Assembly was quick, although larger photos on the instruction sheet would have been appreciated. We are very happy with our purchase. "
Great Dog Stroller
"Really well made dog Stroller.... we got the large one and my sister's 65lbs English Bulldog had space. The only issue is the dog was too scared to sit in the Stroller and kept trying to jump down. We were afraid she would hurt herself. That is just my sister's dog... she is afraid of things with wheels. If I get a dog I would get this in a heartbeat.... start the dog out early so they are comfortable getting in the Stroller. Really nice and sturdy Stroller"
Colleen T.
Two Paws Up!
"Fantastic product. Item was packed great and in perfect condition. Easy to assemble and operate. Our pups love it!"
Susan N.
arthritis and hip dysplasia has caught up with my sweet girl. She is a Boder Collie/Springer Spaniel mix
"Exactly what I was looking for. Age, arthritis and hip dyspepsia has caught up with my sweet girl. She is a Border Collie/Springer Spaniel mix. She's about 26" long from snout to *** and weighs 33 lbs. She has plenty of room to lay down. The two mats included are great, but don't offer much cushion. I placed a regular pillow under one of the mats for extra cushion. I do have two other dogs. I was able to place the Dachshund in with her and they both fit comfortably. I received a helpful hints video to assemble the wheels. It was very easy to assemble. Shipped fast and has no functioning issues. I appreciate the attention to detail with the cushion around the frame as my pup likes to set her head on the closest object for a pillow. I test drove it on gravel/concrete and grass. My street has unfinished gravel which makes a bumpy ride for regular wheels. The strollers wheels and shocks make it barely noticeable. Performs great."
starsBeen bad weather here since I bought this so I havent ...
"Been bad weather here since I bought this so I havent been able to use it however, it is good quality and both of my dachshunds fit easily in here with extra space. They are 12lb and 20lb."
I like this stroller :)
"My pup loves this stroller. It is light and easy to use. When I did need a replacement part, the company responded right away and sent to me free of charge! Thanks a million!"
Terrapin C.
5 starsBoston terrier (2) best stroller ever !!!!!!!!
"I would give this company a five star review. We took our stroller to Boston, MA and our 2 Boston terriers loved it. The cover provides protection from the sun and unwelcome petting hands. The staff is very professional and available to answer questions. The stroller maneuvers over uneven ground. Our next trip will be Miami FL over Christmas and our stroller rolls our pups through security and to the plane, then folded and put in the baggage area and ready for us when we deplane. Best piece of equipment we have ever purchased. Diane in VA"
Love this stroller
"I received my pups new stroller today, and it is what I expected and then some. The HPZ pet stroller is the Cadillac of dog strollers. I love the high set handle bar, the large wheels, and no zipper to mess with. I wish it cam with two cup holders since there's no tray, but I will purchase a separate one. The basket is missing, but called company right away, and the said they'd ship one out right away. When I get it we can go on long walks. My pup is so excited and loves it, and so do I. Sturdy construction and well built. Update: the company sent the basket the next day. They definitely have my business. Very customer driven and customer satisfaction is # 1 to them."
My dogs not longer squabble over who gets to be with Mom
"Fantastic! We received the product and it was super easy to set up. We folded it and immediately drove to a little park near the LA River. Once there, I was able to quickly life it out of our trunk. I put both girls inside and was very happy to have a place to "click" them in safely. Made me feel extra secure. I was nervous this being the first time, but the stroller handles easily and smoothly. It is a joy to use on the bike path. You can see both girls smiling in the picture. And I can carry my bag and their (****) bags and water and my sweater etc etc with me. We recently went on vacation with an ultra-light trailer. We packer our stroller and I was so glad we did. It was great to stroll the beaches in Monterey, Carmel and Pismo Beach with our puppies. Thank you for making such an affordable, workable product. And THANK YOU for your donations to shelters and rescue organizations!! If I could give you extra stars, I would!! Deb S."
Deborah Stenard
Yorkie buggy
"So roomy for my two Yorkies. They love it!"
Lorene C.
It's a good one
"I've got a dog with IVDD and sadly, will need a stroller for the foreseeable future. I got one (not an HPZ) but it was a little difficult to get the dog in the basket. I could not just place her straight down in the basket, and if you know anything about IVDD, you know you need to keep the spine straight. So I tried again and got the Pet Rover. I'm liking it! It's sturdy. The area for the pet is large, and adjustable. The brake works well and is easy to put on and take off. I would recommend this product. Customer Service has been responsive when I have had questions or concerns."
"It took a little while to get the kittens use the rover and we have been taken them for a short walks. Made it much easier to get into the local pet store to get their nails trim."
Don K.
Smooth Ride
"Very easy to put wheels on. Everything works very smooth. Folds easy. Pushes great. 2 dogs love it."
Finally, a big stroller...
"Just got my stroller on Friday. Finally, a big enough stroller to fit my English bulldog. He's old (10 yrs) and can't get around well. He's been enjoying his strolls through town. I also have two poms that are enjoying it as well. I like the stroller/carriage feature and lots of storage. Also it is easy to assemble (no tools needed). Another satisfied customer."
Perfect for stubborn bullies like
"Jay my English Bulldog LOVESSSS his new stroller. The pet rover has much room and allows him to move around. Perfect for stubborn bullies like him"
Mariana N.
Easy to fold up
"Dog loves his new stroller. Well made. Easy to fold up."
Very satisfied with this stroller.
"We love this stroller. My dog has a back injury and I bought this so we could still get outside. Sturdy construction and nice storage basket and pocket. It's easy to fold down and to set up. The cover is great in mosquito weather and the 2 clips to close the cover are very handy."
Angela P.
Sweet ride for my 13-year old
"Ok. I thought I did this already, but here we go again. Excellent stroller! We use the stroller for our 13 year old dog, to wheel him to a park where he can then get out and walk. The stroller rolls and turns very smoothly. The pockets are great for pooh bags. The two leash clips provide extra security. Perfect for older dogs who need a lift and want to roam from home. Great for urban dogs (hot pavement). Sturdy. Stylish. We are 100 percent satisfied with our purchase. And our pooch loves it too!"
Megan D.
Glad I bought it. It's roomy - have an 8 lb poodle and a 25 lb cockapoo
"Really like it. Quality construction, lovely ride. I haven't taken the dogs out yet. I let it sit in the sun for 24 hours to allow it to air out."
Kevin R.
It is easy to open and close up
"I purchased this because it will accommodate my 4 pugs when I want to take them to a local park. It is a tight fit, but works for a short period of time. It is easy to open and close up, and light enough that I can easily lift and fit it into my Buick car trunk. It is sturdy enough to hold my 4 pugs. I use it occasionally, so not sure how it would hold up with 4 dogs for daily long walks. It is advertised for 2 dogs and fitting a third is reasonable if not too far over the weight limit advertised. With 4 pugs, I'm pushing it a bit --- but I'm happy with it for my needs."
Awesome product...even better customer service.
"I'm incredibly impressed. Not only is this stroller exactly as described, and very high quality, but the customer service is top notch with HPZ. I had a minor issue with a defective part, and the customer service team responded within 30 minutes of my email telling me they were overnighting a replacement part right away, with no questions asked. World class service, and a great product! Highly recommend!"
Michael D.
Very sturdy and large enough for 2 small dogs or one ...
"Very sturdy and large enough for 2 small dogs or one medium-sized. Love the swivel of the front wheels also. I left it set up inside the house a few days letting my "baby" sit in it occasionally. Now she barks at it to let me know she's ready for a ride. You won't be disappointed!"
Lisa R.